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11/11/09 09:46 AM #7    

Mitch Powell

I read the reunion details & I don't want to be stupid but what is KOC?

11/12/09 07:43 PM #8    

Pamela L. Reynolds (Ousley)

Hey Mitch...I am not sure but I think it might be Knights of Columbus Hall. Pam Reynolds Ousley

11/20/09 06:47 PM #9    

Mitch Powell

Makes perfect sense. Thanks Pam

12/13/09 09:13 PM #10    


Mark Shepherd (Shepherd)

Hi, everyone. Hope you are all doing great! Harry, glad to hear from you. Mitch, what's going on? Nice photo on the "Fun Photo" page (I don't even remember when or where that photo was taken). When in the next meeting for the reunion?

12/23/09 09:44 PM #11    

Gregg S. Sollars

hello everyone just signed on hope to here from you.

12/25/09 11:17 AM #12    

Teresa Fankhauser (Fankhauser)

Merry Christams everyone.

Mark, our next meeting is January 25th at 6:00 at Panera's. Hope you can make it.

Hi Greg, glad you signed on. Come to the meeting next month. We would love to see you.

01/29/10 03:02 AM #13    

Kathy Snyder (Hughs)

Just so everyone knows, Max Russell has NOT kissed Steve Latos!!! It is posted on Marta (Black) Curry's page. Now we just need to get Steve on here so he can inform us all who he did kiss..lol

01/29/10 01:50 PM #14    


G. William (Bill) Davis

Are you sure Steve didn't kiss Max? I remember how fond Steve was of dounuts and he would do anything to get one, maybe even for a kiss!

01/31/10 06:22 PM #15    

Kathy Snyder (Hughs)

LMAO..hmm now we have to find Steve for the truth to come out!!!

02/06/10 02:46 PM #16    

Jerome L. Goolsby


02/08/10 10:37 AM #17    


G. William (Bill) Davis

As irony would have it, I haven't seen Max Russell since we graduated from High School and lo and behold he walks up to me in Panda Express and introduces himself. We had a nice enjoyable little chat catching up on the last 35 years. Officially, right in front of the big Panda Bear, I heard it straight from Max that he never did kiss Steve Latos.
There you have it!


02/09/10 12:04 AM #18    

Max D. Russell

Thank you Bill for that clarification. Even though, if memory serves me, Steve was quite a hunk in those short, short tennis shorts I still want it to be known that I am not on his list! Mitch Powell on the other hand just might, nah just kidding.

02/18/10 01:59 PM #19    

Mitch Powell

It was not me my brother. I think it was PeeWee.

02/19/10 08:40 AM #20    

Steve Latos

Hello all... hope everyone is well... and, very good to see you still enjoy a good laugh after all this time! Just to set the record straight, while I was very fond of Max (and his affection for a certain Volvo), that fondness never went beyond a very manly handshake, ok maybe a man-hug, but nothing more! That said, you do have to ask yourself - who doesn't like the smell of a fresh glazed donut?

02/26/10 02:51 PM #21    

Danny Ezzell

Hello to all!How is everyone doing?I had a few chats with a few of you on Face Book and I must say it was a bit of a surprise,but after of hearing of this site for the all of us I was pleasantly surprised.Now about this kissing,goodness I did'nt know there was this going on.I know that Mitch likes donuts also and Bill,what kind of a chat did you and Max have?Hmmm,kind of makes you wonder!!!I know that Mithel used to pick his nose,as for Steve,well I could'nt tell you but I do know that he Realy liked the Pep rallys at school,mainly when the PomPom girls got out on the floor,he would get very excited.

03/14/10 03:06 AM #22    

Donette Silcott (Smock)

Hey I found Mike Swinchoski
We had been spelling his name wrong I am going to call him tomorrow

03/15/10 04:52 AM #23    

Teresa Fankhauser (Fankhauser)

That's great news. Let us know what you find out.

03/17/10 04:38 PM #24    


G. William (Bill) Davis

My guess is that he was under the couch cushions. I'm always finding things that have been missing under the couch cushions.

03/17/10 11:43 PM #25    

Kathy Snyder (Hughs)

Under the cushion..well no wonder I couldn't find him, I never thought to look there. I had better start looking under cushions everywhere I go..may find more lost Irish people..lol!

03/19/10 03:38 AM #26    

Danny Ezzell

Isn't that the last placxce you look is under the cussion.Now if you were to put things back where you got them,then you should know right where it is supposed to be. How Convenient.

03/20/10 07:37 PM #27    

Jerome L. Goolsby

Is is just me or is anyone else noting that today was no way to bring in Spring?

04/13/10 08:47 AM #28    

Donna Rasco (Yates)

Speaking of couch cusions...

Could everyone check their couch cushions as I can't find the TV remote?!! Let's see...hhmmmm...the cordless phone is also not on the charger. Oh yes, we have teenagers at our house - I'm sure I'll find both the remote and the phone in their rooms probably under some clothes on the floor. Do you think our parents said the same thing about us????

04/14/10 07:31 AM #29    

Teresa Fankhauser (Fankhauser)

It would have been intersting to find a phone under the cushions when we were growing up considering the phone was either attached to the wall or connected with a cord. At least we never had to worry about butt dialing. lol

04/15/10 10:01 PM #30    

Max D. Russell

TV remote? I think I remember being the TV remote. Thank God there were only 3 channels or I would have been up all night "hey boy change the channel to 4, no, try 5 not that either go to 9, DAMN nothing worth watching on TV."
I sort of remember that being the evening of television at our house. Can you imagine being that kid today with 200 channels. Thank You TV remote inventor man you saved a lot of childhoods.

04/15/10 11:20 PM #31    

Max D. Russell

Hey, I think it is time for a little Wally bashing! I'm sure I will need some help with so just join right in and we will see if we can get that shyster lawyer out of that Texas hole he's dug into. One would think that as the reigning 1975 Mr. Lafayette he would take a more prideful approach toward being a part of this web page. Maybe it's just the nature of his business that requires him to keep such LOW profile. Could be that Vito, Rocko, and all of his other well connected clients prefer to keep things on the hush hush(if you know what I mean). But what do I know? He could just be so busy trying run down all of those ambulances that he just has no time for us little people, you know, his subjects the members of the class of 1975. Wally, why have you foresaken us at this time when we need your leadership? Did you forget that you have amends to make? What about that poor boy on St Joe Ave minding his own business riding his bike when all of sudden SPLAT he was covered with Icee. I remember so vividly saying "my god Walter I can't you believe did that" and you replying "Aw hell he had it coming, he was a p%$@* anyway" I knew from that day forward you were destined to become a lawyer. Hell, to think you once desired to become an english teacher and help childen become more expressive, literate and compassionate. Man would that have been a waste. No Wally, I think the day you drowned that poor boy in icee was the day your destiny was set. Hope to hear from you soon, because after 35 years of wondering I would really like to know, "Why the hell did you throw your icee on that poor, poor boy?"

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